The History of BrayScore 

Bill Bray

The seed for the BrayScore idea came from the inventor's days in diamond cutting school in 1974. Having already graduated college, he was accustomed to studying for a test, taking the test and getting a score. Instantly he would know how well he did and how he compared to the rest of the class. In the diamond cutting school, at one time there were forty cutters enrolled, and while most knew who were the "better" cutters were, performance wasn't really graded. After a cutter finished a stone, it was more or less a "pass/fail" system. If you were handed a new piece of rough then you passed. If you were told to go back to your cutting wheel and fix something it was a "fail". After finishing a diamond which often took days or weeks, the inventor always felt an empty feeling as to how well he had just done on this very tedious job.

Twenty years later, the process of writing the formulas and testing diamonds began. The W.R.Bray Diamond Cut Scoring System (BrayScore) was issued a US Patent No.7,136,154 B2 on November 14, 2006.

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